Reminder: Toronto DS Mixer is Tuesday

November 14, 2009 by Dave Haynes


We have not had one in a while for various reasons, but if you are in Toronto on Tuesday cancel your tattoo appointment, talk to your lawyer and arrange bail, or whatever you need to do, and get out to the event.

It is at the Six Steps restaurant in downtown Toronto, in pretty easy reach of subway, Union Station, etc.

The event is being sponsored by Samsung, and I would assume that means they will be handing out free HDTVs to the first 50 people in the doors. But I could be wrong. I do think Peter Bougadis and crew will be buying a round.

Canadians won half of the awards at the DIGI Awards this week, and some of those guys should be on hand from CognoVision, Omnivex and DDC, and do make a point of offering congratulations.

6:30 and on
Six Steps Restaurant & Lounge, ask at reception where to be directed
55 Colborne Street
T – 416.504.4800

For those who are new to the event, everyone involved in or interested in the industry is invited to come down and meet some people, trade some cards, and fib mightily about how well things are going when speaking with competitors. At 9 PM, Lyle Bunn usually starts showing off his Inuit throat singing skills.

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