Kioskcom/Digital Signage Show – Day 2

November 12, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Day 2 at the DS Show had what looked to be very solid foot traffic. Saw some big brand names wandering around.


– HP is working with a Toronto company on a live webcam app for retail, using its all in one screens. They are testing a store in a store concept that allows people to use an app to talk to a product expert. located remotely, to get deeper information and ask detailed questions.

– Got a demo of the Harris Punctuate ad management system, which runs in parallel to the Infocaster platform. Looked good. Like EnQii, BroadSign, CoolSign, PointMediaPro, Omnivex and a few others, the platform uses meta data for media targeting. The business rules capability is getting to be something of a standard part of the offer for enterprise level accounts.

– Chatted at length with Nanonation. I loved being in a full booth for a digital signage company that is all about retail and had not a single carved up screen, weather report or stupid news ticker.

– Had a good discussion with Black Box, which has brought on ex-NEC biz dev guy Steve Acquista to run its DS group. I like the fully rounded out offer and he showed me a nice solid state HD-ready player they are rolling out. 

– I really liked the retail-centric interactive work being done by Seattle-based Intava.

– There was a little speculation that the NEC ad management platform was written by Ronin (given they made some announcements together) but was told by someone who should know that it was not. General response to Vukunet was “Hmmmm.” 

– Finally met Jeremy Gavin from ScreenFeed and Jason Cremins, CEO of Signage Live. Cremins’ company has focused very much on Europe so a lot of us over here don’t really know much about what they do. Lots. They have an installed base of 15,000 seats and are doing some really interesting development work.

– Also got a chance to meet Dirk Hulsermann of Neo Advertising and OVAB Europe.

– And I bumped into a new company called Ludicast. Flash-based, real estate-focused, OS neutral, SaaS, based right in NY. Interesting, but joining a crowded field.

Overall thoughts on show. Definitely far less glitz than DSE. The hall is kinda gloomy, but fine. Exhibitors seemed pretty happy with traffic and the qualified nature of the people wandering around. I know there were comments about people being more educated in their questions. Lawrence and his guys seemed to run things pretty efficiently. I thought the show hours seemed kind of tight (short) and could have used and would have used more talk time on the floor. I ran out of time to see YCD and DC Media and a few others.

Oh well. One more day in NY then back home. 



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