AdFlow's pilot with AMA looking more like a rollout

November 3, 2009 by Dave Haynes


There are a lot of decent sized networks that will never be about third-party advertising and are instead about integrated marketing and cross-promo. The guys about five minutes up the road from me at ADFLOW did a release recently and sent me snappies just now showing what they are doing with the Alberta Motor Association.

The organization has retail storefronts coupled with branch offices that offer a range of services, and they are testing out screens that are integrated with their more conventional marketing efforts.

I like this because of the proximity to the brochure racks and how the screen was kept at eye-level and designed in to actually belong there, rather than hung somewhere that had space available (still too common). There are nine screens sprinkled around the branch. The AMA is now extending the pilot to all of its branches, which my tiny mind interprets as no longer being a pilot.


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