Giant, interactive vodka bottles that do everything but tell you to go home and sleep it off

October 30, 2009 by Dave Haynes

The party crowd that drinks up a storm this weekend may have some surreal moments on the streets of Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto as they stumble by a giant, interactive vodka bottle.
According to Media in Canada:
The large, street-level installations, launched this week, feature motion-sensor pads for people to step on, which then activate live video streaming to Visitors to the website can see the videos in real time, manipulate them with different templates or send the street-level user a scripted message. The person on the street can then retrieve their video from the site or text Absolut to request it using a short code.

The installations are part of a larger national campaign, rolling out in phases through November until the first week of December, developed in tandem by Toronto-based agencies Carat Canada (media, strategy), Isobar (digital) and Titan (bottle sculptures). (Absolut’s AOR is TBWA\Toronto.)
The media buy includes pre-movie cinema ads, print placement in Famous magazine, an online media buy, large-scale night-time projections onto buildings in six Canadian cities markets, a billboard in Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto and in-bar promotions. The campaign also includes a social media strategy.
I know the guy at Titan who gets these things thrown in his lap, and I am sure he said something like, “Oh my …” The second word might have been different. THIS would have been a challenge, but it looks pretty cool. 

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