Toronto industry mixer now set for Nov. 17

October 27, 2009 by Dave Haynes

The Toronto industry mixers have been thrown off by a few things this fall. Our normal haunt was under reno and then more recently, the traditional second Tuesday was a TEDx event run by a few mixer regulars, so we begged off that night. But now it is back on, with the timing adjusted to consider that several people will be in NYC for the Signage Show.
Ingram Micro’s Dmitry Sokolov has again got things together (thanks!) and had building neighbors Samsung stepping up as sponsors.
6:30 and on 
Six Steps Restaurant & Lounge, ask at reception where to be directed
55 Colborne Street
T – 416.504.4800
For those who are new to the event, everyone involved in or interested in the industry is invited to come down and meet some people, trade some cards, and fib mightily about how well things are going when speaking with competitors. At 9 PM, we go up on the roof and wait for the flying saucers.

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