Holy crap, the mother of all Windows error messages

September 8, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is from an Apple fanboy blog, so they are particularly filled with glee about this latest boo-boo involving the new home to the Dallas Cowboys football team. First the punter drilled one into the LED board that wasn’t as high as it apparently needs to be. Now the ribbon board meant to whip up fan  excitement instead beats up on Microsoft, all at no cost to Apple.

From TUAW:

It’s one thing to have your computer crash. It’s another to have it crash in front of thousands of sports fans. This latest humiliation took place Saturday at the pre-game festivities for the Oklahoma/Brigham Young game at the at the brand new $1.15 billion Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Reader Jeff tells us that they had a breakdown on the scoreboard screens: first, the screens went blank, then displayed some odd ASCII gibberish, then announced to the assembled crowd that things weren’t going so well in Microsoft land.

Jeff was there with his trusty iPhone to capture the moment for us, and we present it to you on this day when you’re not working, either.

Oh, bother. 

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