noise wars

August 23, 2009 by Dave Haynes

It’s unwise to think one grasps the contents of a book without having read it. This book does not “rail against digital signage, etc.”

Those quotes are not from the author, but real people who dislike being pushed by media everywhere they go, being made a captive audience. The book also includes examples from opposing views, from media executives or consumers. It presents things fairly.

The book’s main focus is elucidating the growing concern over our decreasing autonomy in choosing which media we consume willingly, and that which is forced on us involuntarily.

That’s the crux of what this book is worried about.

(And not just about the more sane ‘pull’ of print versus the ‘push’ of a noisy tv screen. But further examples like the boom cars that terrorize our landscapes, foisting their listening choices on others…)

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