World's first rear-projection urinal (we're not making this up)

August 10, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Digital Signage Today editor Bill Yackey spotted this and sent up a Twitter tweet.

As reported via Gizmodo, the Horse Bazaar pub in Melbourne, Oz has a urinal in the men’s room with a rear projection screen that you can, well, pee on.

The central feature of Horse Bazaar is an immersive projection environment. The bar contains a 20m continuous digital canvas on which new media and digital artworks are projected. The Horse also runs Australia’s richest annual digital art prize, and has created a world first, the Rear Projection Urinal (RPU). It’s art for peeing on. 

The drunken possibilities for this really have no end. How’d you like to be the service guy on this DS install? Me neither.

Now as loop as all this looks, the guys who run this place are quite serious about the digital content on its walls in the main area, even running a $5,000 AUD contest for panoramic content to show on its 20 meters of projection wall space.


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