Massive tiled video wall at new Vegas resort casino

July 30, 2009 by Dave Haynes

I have been in Las Vegas this week, working with a pressDOOH client and having repeated sessions of Too Much in the evenings, as in Too Much Food, Too Much Booze, and so on.

In this past evening’s episode of Too Much (actually pretty restrained) I was out at the M Resort, a flashy new casino hotel way, way, way south of the Strip. Tom McGowan, an industry vet now hanging his hat at Starmount Systems, took me down there with his wife Kim to check out a wine bar that has a pay as you go self-dispensing wine thingdoodle. Hard to explain, but briefly, you buy credits, put them on a card, and stick the card into one of the dispensing stations and get a squirt of whatever wine you want to try. Very cool.

We then went to the casino’s buffet, which has a wall of some 110 Samsung screens all tiled together, three high.

I am rarely impressed by stuff I see installed in casinos, or pretty much anywhere, but this was impressive. The content is all in-house promo stuff and while not flashy, it gets the job done. The resort Web site suggests cooking demos are also broadcast on the displays. The reason I liked this is that the architect considered the scale of the room and schemed in a solution that fits the space. A bunch of screens hung all over the place in that room would have been a waste of time and money. But this wall is of epic proportions, and can’t help but be noticed. It works.

Tom took me some shots with his phone cam. Starmount, by the way, is cooking up some interesting stuff under Tom’s product guidance. 

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