LED board at Picadilly plays with crowds

July 26, 2009 by Dave Haynes


From CMD Global and Ad Age:

When the long, hot days of summer kick in, water sales skyrocket. Glaceau VitaminWater understood how important it was to maintain a visual presence during this time, as well as differentiate itself from the multitude of other water brands on the market.

To engage consumers and up sales of its water, Glaceau VitaminWater implemented a ‘cheeky’ out-of-home campaign this summer. Giant Transvision screens installed at locations across Britain interacted with the public, putting across the water brand’s personality.

The Transvision Screens, installed in 17 key cities, took advantage of billboard space, special builds and iconic media sites, including the London imax. For six weeks personal messages appeared on-screen, referencing whoever happened to be passing at that particular time. So a high profile digital billboard in Piccadilly Circus targeted a man taking a photo with the message: “Hey you in the pink top yeah you taking my photo, say cheeese!”

In addition a nation-wide young design initiative saw an artistic interpretation of the brand’s personality posted up on a billboard in ‘too cool for school’ Shoreditch in London. Glaceau tasting vehicles distributing free samples of water on the streets and at specific events throughout summer.

This would cost a few bucks, as you need someone to staff this project and he or she has to be consistently clever. It’s not one of those things that can scale up a lot, though there are companies out there who will monitor this sort of thing and make it possible for the public to post the messages.

Daily DOOH had a post about this last month, and showed some schoolkids takeing up the request to run a conga line. 

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