DSE 2010 taking shape

July 20, 2009 by Dave Haynes

A copy of the educational/conference plans for the next Digital Signage Expo fell into one of my Inboxes this weekend, and it looks like the organizers are taking a different approach for 2010 and getting on some specific tracks.

The plan is for two days of sessions, like last year, but there are now specific proposed tracks to go down – one for ad-based networks, a different one for private networks. Each has a starter and advanced track. This strikes me as smart, as ad-based and private networks are totally different animals, really right down to technology choice.

There are also separate tracks for the hang and bang AV crowd, content people and DOOH buyers. The only thing I might quibble with here is the media buyers crowd, as I would get them involved all the way through with the ad-based networks people. There is an argument to be made, I suppose, that agency people don’t want to be chased around a small room all day by ad network people waving media kits and cards. I wouldn’t.

There was also full-day stuff last year on the day before the trade show opened, but the DSE site does not have anything up on that. My guess is you will see stuff about mobile and interactive.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the exhibitor floor plan to see who currently has the big spaces blocked out. Wiress Ronin is still front and centre, which is a bit of a surprise given their well-documented financial issues. CoolSign now has a front row slot, as does Symon Communications. Scala and Samsung round out the front row. BroadSign has a slot reserved, row 2, off to the side behind Samsung. EnQii has a 20 by 20 slot in the third row. The only new guy with a substantial presence is Sencore, which is gear for the hang and bang crowd.

There is LOTS of space at the back that is not booked, but I have no idea if that is indicative of anything, as I don’t run trade shows for a living. It may actually be pretty solidly booked for something that’s still seven months out.

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