Consolidation continues: Health Club Media Network acquires Alloy Fitness

July 8, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Health and fitness, like medical, is one of those advertising sectors that seems to be getting some real traction and dollars into it, and therefore triggering a lot of merger and acquisition interest.

A couple of days ago we had news of VC-funded Danoo buying up IdeaCast – which has screens in health clubs among other venues – from National CineMedia.

Now we have word that Health Club Media Network has acquired the Alloy Fitness Network from Alloy Media & Marketing for cash and future payments, which adds another 700 clubs and 120 markets to a network that already has a network of 25,000 panels and digital screens in 4,000 health clubs. That gives the media company access to about 15 million eyeballs.

MCMN CEO Ken Williams said, in a press release“Adding the Alloy Fitness Network to HCMN’s already expansive roster of health clubs will only help us serve our clients more effectively. It will also provide HCMN with increased options as we continue to roll out our burgeoning digital media network in health clubs across the country.”

The other guys in this space, Zoom Media, have also been very active on the acquisition side, buying ClubCom last fall.

There are indications the economy is picking up (though opposing views are easily found), so it’s no reach to think we’ll be seeing more and more consolidation among networks as DOOH players work at getting big enough to find a regular home on media plans. 

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