DS software player opens up wallet in college tuition contest

July 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes




The guys at Ridge Logic Development are trying to carve a niche in the marketplace for a software platform that is a little bit presentation and album tool, a little bit social media and a little bit entry-level, small biz-focused digital signage software.

I first met founder and president Jack Boyczuk at one of the Toronto mixers last year (he came up from Buffalo for the beer, company, and the local oyster joints), and we’ve stayed in touch here and there as his Scene Studio products have evolved.

The company is trying to make a little noise in the marketplace and do something good in the process, by running a couple of contests to offset college tuition for some lucky families. Giving a plug is easy when the other side is giving (I have two kids in college, so I know what even $500 would mean to some families.)

I’m hoping you can help us spread the word about two college tuition contests we’re running this month, writes Boyczuk in an email.  If you know someone that will be in college in the fall or someone that graduated within the last year please forward this email to them…

Both of the contests are … accessible on our product homepage at: http://www.scenestudioonline.com/, and they each offer a $500 award.  The first contest is for developing a multimedia presentation of a vacation or family event (see my vacation: http://tiny.cc/pz1KU) and the second one is for creating a video resume.  We did this contest at the last minute so we’re expecting the number of submissions to be low, so it could be a great opportunity for someone you know to win some cash!

Please spread the word with your friends and if you know a college professor or high school guidance counselor, see if they can email students.

Also, SceneStudio Online is free to get started, so please give it a try yourself.  It’s a great tool for people that want to create a multimedia photo album that can be viewed and shared online or downloaded for viewing offline at a banquet hall.  We even have a sports template so sports teams can feature all the kids on a team.  There are a host of business templates too and the product is so simple to use, so give it a try!  

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