Thank You

May 13, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Hi Dave,

Thank you, we appreciate your support. One thing that you, and your readers might have an interest in knowing. We now work on Digital Signage Universe full-time. We have an excellent editor, and have just brought in a sales person part-time. We also hope to bring in a few freelance writers in the near future. We’re looking to expand the level of coverage on the site and add even more features.

Motionstream is a content company, and is the “parent” of DSU for accounting purposes. We sell some stock content directly, and through our partners at Thought Equity Motion, but are not currently engaged with new content development at this time. Digital Signage Universe has evolved into our full-time business at this point.

We have received a lot of support from all corners of the industry whom have encouraged us and appreciate having an independent voice for the industry. We are the only news portal that is not tied to any manufacturer, developer, or distributor, so we are free to develop stories and supply information to our readers without skewing the story or applying any particular bias.

We’re also working on an additional industry portal that will be rolled out at the end of the year (hopefully), but that’s another story.

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