Mixer draws new faces

April 15, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Well, it is no great reach to suggest nothing draws a Canadian to an event like free drinks.

Which is my only logical conclusion as to why last night’s mixer numbers dipped by about half. Sheesh.

I also know some people who are regulars couldn’t make it because on travel, commitments, kids, you name it. Those 25 or so who did turn out had a great time and an opportunity to introduce themselves around and build contacts. Richard Fortin of ITES Media in Montreal, which is carving out a very nice niche for itself in kiosks and DS for real estate, was down and said it was well worth his effort.

There were also three sales and biz dev guys from Apple hanging out for the evening (first time their heads have popped up), and Max Stevens-Guille, the new CTO at EnQii.

Thanks as always to Dmitry Sokolov at Ingram for pulling it together, and the folks at Six Steps, who treat us well.

Next one is the second Tuesday of May, same place, as far as we know. And for you freeloaders, I think Dmitry has a sponsor lined up.   ;-]

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