Digital View and EnQii de-couple some more

April 2, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This is interesting from a historical perspective, and may help end whatever market confusion may be out there.

Digital Signage Today has a brief up about UK-based DS software firm Remote Media, under the signagelive banner, now working directly with Digital View on “an optimized, cost-effective digital media device suitable for networked digital signage applications.”

It’s a Digital View Remote Player, sold by that company, with signagelive pre-installed.

Digital View was in the digital signage software business until a couple of years ago, when it split off its core Remote Transfer software platform and sold to a new entity, so it could concentrate on its hardware business – which is heavily LCD controllers but also unconnected and connect digital signage players. The new entity was Digital View Media, which was rebranded about 18 months ago as EnQii.

I know all this because I was there through that period. 

It would have been reasonable to assume Digital View and EnQii were working hand in glove, but in fact the two companies have been getting along just fine since the split but very much doing their own things – and the signagelive deal just amplifies that.

That stated, the old software platform that was on DV players was Remote Transfer. Now Remote Media software can drive a DV player. 

See … perfectly clear now  ;-] 

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