New network to turn retailing on its ear

April 1, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Well, as the saying goes, “When one door closes, another opens …”

Changed circumstances have allowed me to move up plans for a new screen network, aimed at retail.
Called Holler, the ad-based network takes the underappreciated art of the infomercial out of the 3 AM insomniac time bracket and puts it into the new primetime of heavy traffic retail environments. Holler also turns the screen network business on its ear, so to speak, by shifting away from the common practice of running ads and content without audio.
Instead, we’re using military-grade speakers adapted from the US military’s psy-ops unit. The notion is simple enough. It’s clear that many screens in big box settings are not getting the attention they deserve, largely because of subtle creative, no audio, and the many visual distractions of a large store. So our infomercials-only network will instead “Holler” at people, with volume levels set at roughly 125 db.
We will also be taking advantage of emerging audience recognition and immersive environment  technology to provide a full experience. For example, cameras that pick up people in the area who may be overweight will trigger a vibrating floor plate and trigger the playback of targeted videos for diet shake products.
No retailers have signed up, as yet, but I can’t imagine anyone objecting.
The screens will be installed at no charge to retailers, and there will be a revenue share built in. Holler is backed by a Mexican firm that reached out to me recently. Curiously, they are providing large format display panels routed from the Far East through Mexico, and insisting that the shipping boxes be picked up by some guy named Ernesto. The sample they sent had all this dry, leafy green crap in bags, but it seemed to protect the panel nicely. Smells funny, though.
The company is also providing all the financing in cash, and again curiously, all in small denominations. 
The Holler network officially launches today, which is April 1st.

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