Finally… it's going away!

February 7, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Whereas I am sympathetic to Transit TV as to a company – that they’re going out of business (it is indeed sad, in those economic times, to see companies falling apart), but I am VERY happy that Transit TV will no longer be in our buses! Those nonsensical ads, with nonsensical so-called “entertainment” (showing how retards ride their skateboards!) had got to stop a long time ago!
I agree with commenter #1: Spanish was no useful for many riders (afterall, this is America, folks! Speak English!) And the volume – you’re absolutely right, is either too low, or too high that it was very, very annoying!
And… I can only imagine the “joy” of the bus drivers – when they had to endure those same “news” over, and over, and over again… No wonder bus drivers rarely look happy!
So… good-bye for good, annoying TV on the Bus!

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