UK firm has low-cost screen protectors

February 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes

This comes from the UK, which means I get to use the term “Gobsmacked!!!”

I am gobsmacked, at times, when I see a digital screen install in which neither screen or controls are protected in any way, and are in easy reach of the general public. It should be a given that any screen placed in a public or general access will either be abused, or inadvertently messed with by a well-meaning cleaning lady.

So I coach clients to use things like enclosures that are out in the market place, or have some sort of protective fascia built.

Trouble is, the commerical grade stuff is stinkin’ expensive, and often beyond the budget. And making your own takes time and knowledge, and a metal fabricator, and therefore usually doesn’t save a bunch off the commercial grade prices.

So an email pops up this morning from a tiny UK company that is marketing its own protective cover, which is low-tech, but also low cost and likely pretty effective.

The email suggests this was developed primarily to protect consumer LCDs and plasmas from prying hands and flying Wii controllers, but the British mom behind Screen Protector obviously saw a different opportunity.

The units are optical grade acrylic glass that slides over the face of the displays and then is strapped into place at the rear, probably using velcro.

Now I don’t think this is the sort of thing that will look good in a high end retail environment or lobby of an office tower, but for someone putting up screens in convenience stores all over the place, these things might be just the ticket.. Prices start at about $100 or 78 Euros for something fitting a 30 inch screen. 


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