Doctor Smartie is seeing patients

February 6, 2009 by Dave Haynes

Ed Voltan is one of the real pioneers in this space, having jumped from mainstream broadcast and specialty channel TV sales into the rather weird, unheard of world of digital out of home a decade ago.

He was VP Sales at Elevator News Network when I was there as VP Ops, and he somehow or other wrung millions of ad dollars out of Canadian agencies at a time when nobody knew what this stuff was about, or why they should care.

For several years now he’s been running PHSN and the Catalyst Media Group, selling a large medical waiting room network deployed in Canada, and again spending much of his time educating the media community about the value proposition.

One of the things he’s been doing lately is an educational program called Doctor Smartie, which is a written and video guide intended to provide some bullet point “DOOH for Dummies” education on the medium, particularly as it relates to to the health sector.

There is a dedicated website here …

And there are now four YouTube videos (too wide to embed), the latest another ode to Apple’s PC and Mac ad series. No comment on the acting, but I can tell you Dr. Smartie looks suspiciously like my Italian-Scottish mongrel friend.   



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