Dutch supermarket network sees average 14% sales boost from screens

February 4, 2009 by Dave Haynes

More evidence this stuff, when done well, really does work.
Dutch network operator POS TV has issued a press release noting how research from Nielsen is indicating the average sales increase for advertisers on the 1,200 screen supermarket network is 14%.
‘Positive reactions from entrepreneurs, shoppers, and advertisers actually already gave away that Supermarket TV was a bull’s eye,’ according to Diana Niemer, product manager with Supermarket TV from POSTV. ‘It’s great that the figures from widely respected research firm Nielsen now bear this out. This isn’t only an enormous confirmation for us and the supermarket entrepreneurs. The twenty-five top brands that stuck out their necks to advertise on this relatively new medium have been rewarded for their trust in Supermarket TV and in POSTV’.
Nielsen has furnished its own scan for Supermarket TV. Each advertiser on Supermarket TV thereby receives an objective report based on this scan. The scan always encompasses four weeks prior to the broadcast dates and two weeks during the action period. The shops with Supermarket TV are compared to to a control group with triple the number of shops to keep the analysis as reliable as possible.
Niemer: ‘The average sales increase for advertisers on our network is 14%. This rise is even 25% for advertisers of sweets & snacks! The impulse character of these articles absolutely plays a role here. It is evident that the vision we have of attractive, high-quality content goes over well with shoppers. We broadcast thematic commercials from advertisers in a Picture in Picture model with a packshot of the product always prominently in view. For the editorial content, we listened plenty to entrepreneurs, shoppers, and advertisers that have an interest in recipes on screen. The strength of our programming is that we can also utilize editorial content commercially. Advertisers have already adopted the various recipes and our weather forecast’.
Some of the brands included: Beneful, One, Gourmet Perle, Peijnenburg, Grolsch, John West, Yakult, Bifiene, Lay’s, Duyvis, Alpro Soya, Stegeman,
Bonduelle, Beemster, Palm, Slankie, Knorr, Verkade, Douwe Egberts, Bolletje, Bon Bon Bloc, and Philadelphia.
One of the really good things we’re starting to see happen in this space is proper research, and THEN, sharing of that research. For a long time, what research was done was pretty much held tightly by whoever cut the cheque. The “I paid for it, why would I give it to you?” mentality made some sense, but when the news is positive it generally makes more sense to get it out there and help the industry as a whole.
I have read research that suggests 15 per cent sales lift on promoted items is a good rule of thumb, so this research falls in line with that. 
POS TV is a Neo Media Group company (disclaimer: client of my guys) 

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