OVAB Measurements

January 7, 2009 by Dave Haynes

To complete my comments above:
The final analytics we provide to users marry up the facial recognition analytics and play history. The FR analytics allow us to record the gender and age group of each viewer to a fair degree of accuracy. At present dependant upon conditions such as lighting we get better than 90% accuracy on gender and 85% accuracy for age group.

As we know exactly what was playing on the screen when it was viewed we can build up a campaign profile based on who watched what when. As we also count heads we know the size of the potential audience as well.

The technology is still in its infancy but already we have deployed gender and age group based targetted advertising and expect to provide an iterative ability shortly. This will monitor the effectiveness of campaigns, adjust the adverts displayed and then remeasure.

I feel as the technology matures it will become popular as a means of audience measurement.

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