Emerging Media Lab flags in-store digital as trend to watch

December 22, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Agency giant Interpublic’s Emerging Media Lab has flagged in-store digital media as a key emerging trend to watch over the next year.

As relayed in MediaPost (can’t find it on the Lab site):

Brands must keep pace with consumers with a presence at every stage of the conversation (where they can respond–not react) and formulate a Web reputation strategy to manage viral insurrections. They also should be developing their content and other strategies across all platforms: mobile, digital, out-of-home, broadcast, broadband and social media.

Even in the depths of a recession, interactive retail solutions will soar in 2009, IPG says. An online experience punctuated by smart signs, interactive mirrors, loyalty programs and other features is enhancing the consumers’ and brands’ ability to constantly be connected to the Web and each other by mobile phone. Google’s mobile bar code reader Zxing enables photography and decoding of barcodes for more product data, and SnapNow provides price comparisons and peer ratings from Amazon.com.

Such real-time shopping assistance is matched by audience measurement on sight in stores to provide more relevant target advertising that more likely results in a purchase.

The latter is certainly welcome news to guys like TruMedia and CognoVision that do face-tracking and crank out the audience analytics about what’s happening in stores.

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