Bunn trying to push SPEED on the DS industry

December 12, 2008 by Dave Haynes

OK, he’s not pushing crystal meth … but the headline just kind of came to me  ;-]

Toronto-based industry consultant Lyle Bunn seems to understand more than anybody that a big part of success in this young industry comes from visibility and aggressive, thoughtful marketing. To that end, and to his credit, he’s created a half-day training program aimed squarely at companies and suppliers and the event industry. Wheel him in, pop him up, and you have a structured how-to session on getting started in the business.

It’s consulting, but nicely packaged up.

“SPEED” is an acronym for “Structures for Planning, Explanation, Excitement and Deployment,” he writes in an email blast. “The core half-day program is comprised of several modules that allow end user and potential suppliers of digital signage, such as Systems Integrators, Commercial Audio-Visual, Sign, Graphic, Digital Print, Content and other providers to better plan objectives, timelines and budgets, and define key elements of a digital signage initiative leading to technology selection, deployment, growth and successful operations.” 

This is the sort of thing a lot of companies could use, as well as some targeted industry trade shows that are nibbling at the edge of digital signage and could use a good DS 101 session. From my point of view, ANYTHING that accelerates the learning process helps me sell. Many of the people coming into the space are neophytes and could use a primer.

More details on his website

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