Back in the saddle … after much traveling

December 10, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Ok, back in my home office for a whole day … for the first time in what seems like ages.

Important travel tips I learned yesterday:

1 – in a snowstorm, don’t take a taxi to the airport in Montreal unless you have a book and a crash helmet

2 – there is a commuter train to the Dorval stop in Montreal and, it turns out, a shuttle from there to the airport … I knew there was a train, but the idea of humping a bag in a blizzard through that insane spaghetti road system that leads to the airport, was just too much … particularly when Montreal cab drivers wouldn’t think twice about running you over if you had to walk on the road … if found out AFTER I finally got to the airport — 130 minutes and 100 near-death experiences — about the shuttle … next time I know

3 – if it’s snowing like crazy at Toronto City Centre airport, you land at Toronto Pearson, at some private terminal, and get on a bus back to downtown

4 – don’t park your car on the island if you have late flight on Porter … last ferry is at midnight and if you get diverted to Pearson and do the bus thing, you may be pooched (I just made it) … the dumb-ass ferry system is the one thing that keeps Porter from being great

What does this have to do with the industry? Pretty much nothing, except a lot of us travel and despite all my miles, yesterday was a learning experience.

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