yes, let's please get real…

November 22, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Anyone who was in the digital signage business in 2002 can tell you just how much business got done after the craziness in 2001. Not a lot. I totally agree with Dave – the industry must not get out of touch with what’s happening in the “real world”. I suspect more than half of the small DS vendors and ad-based network operators will go out of business within the next two years. The only potential bright spot could be if Obama decides to spend our way out of the recession and the government decides they need screens all over the place to communicate with the public. I keep hearing that is a real possibility as a DHS initiative, but have not been able to get actionable detail on it yet.

Meantime folks, batten down the hatches, it’s going to be a rough storm to weather. 1) credit markets are sphincter-tight 2) ad spends are being cut and are retreating back to tried and true forms 3) retail and banking sectors are bleak at best. If you haven’t seen a copy of Sequoia’s or any of the other VC’s “disaster planning” decks presented to their portfolio companies, go find one and read it and live it. Yes, of course there will be business done, but a lot less. Good luck to all… We’ll need it!


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