OOH, that's a good puppy!

November 13, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a very clever, very engaging piece of creative for an outdoor street-level board in Australia, as noticed in the blog Ad Goodness, via Ad Rants.

As the winner of JCDecaux’s innovate competition, Whybin\TBWA\TEQUILA, won $100,000 worth of media and production from JCDecaux for their client PEDIGREE®. The winning entry created by Kara Grey at TEQUILA\, allows passers-by to play with and teach a ‘virtual puppy’.

At these panels, the public are able to interact with the puppy and teach it new tricks such as throwing a PEDIGREE® DENTABONE® and playing ball. The campaign then prompts people to visit puppy.com.au to obtain information including puppy training and advice.

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