Another day, another report

November 5, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Is it me, or have there been a whole bunch of industry forecasts and reports gushing on to the market over the last two or three weeks?

I even had a chat with another research company the other day and suggested they rethink plans for their own, as there were enough out there already.

So … here comes another one. Global Digital Signage Market is by an Indian company called Koncept Analytics, and it promises:

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the worldwide growth of the digital signage industry. The potential opportunities that exist in this market have been assessed and the threats that the industry faces mainly from regulations have been highlighted. This report is a comprehensive view of the growth of out-of-home advertising industry and the increasing acknowledge of digital signage as a powerful medium to influence customer decision at the point of purchase and also as an information and communication medium.  

There are no tantalizing numbers or features in the summary, so if you are buying (the 50-pager is being brokered through an Irish research marketing firm) you’ll need about 900 Euros to find out more.


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