SlideBuy gets screen down to shelf-level without eating up stock space

October 7, 2008 by Dave Haynes

In-store merchandisers Frank Mayer and Associates will be showing off a nice new shelf-level screen device at the Kioskcom/Digital Signage Show next week in New York.

I like it for a few reasons:


  1. it’s down where people will see the screen, and interact with it
  2. it is, indeed, interactive, using touch
  3. it cleverly addresses the concerns retailers have about shelf-edge screens taking up precious merchandising space (in other words, screens tend to take the place of merchandise, which is not good)


In this case, the SlideBuy device is on a track (so, too, presumably are the power and signal cables) so the bottles and jars and boxes of whatever can still be stocked in behind.

Now, there is probabloy an argument to be made that if the screen is fixed in one position, stuff can still be tucked behind. But not as tidily, or as easily. The demo uniot is a 17 but it can be different LCD sizes, and the bezel or fascia can be customized.

A clever execution from a company that focuses on displays that get people to pick stuff up and take said stuff to the cashier. 


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