Looking for money guys

October 7, 2008 by Dave Haynes

People with money to invest into this space, or pretty much anything, are a little hard to come by this week.

I’m looking for one or two, in the Toronto area, but not for reasons you might think.

I am, with another fella, pulling together a breakfast series session for the Canadian Out-of-home Digital Association, and given the rollercoaster market and limited credit out there, I thought a session on how to get that next raise of money in a troubled economy would be somewhat appropriate.

I know a few people who can bring some insight, but am looking for ideas or names of a few others to approach. If they have some particularly good insight, or will excite the crowd by lobbing rubber-band wrapped stacks of bills into the mob, all the better.

All thoughts appreciated: email to david.haynes at broadsign.com 

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