NOLA airport gets well-conceived screen network

October 2, 2008 by Dave Haynes

A lot of the attempts at digital screen networks in airports have left me indifferent or irritated, but there are a few out there that are pretty good.
With experience under their belts, some of the big boys seem to be getting a better grip on how to develop an effective and useful network in these massive venues.
press release from outdoor giant ClearChannel did not come with pics, unfortunately, but the narrative suggests a well-conceived plan for the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.
Rather than dumb-assed screens hanging down in wait areas, trying to replicate broadcast TV, this is a full digital media plan that involves big LCDs, interactive stations and Bluetooth proximity marketing.
The airport, along with Clear Channel Interspace Airport Advertising (CCIA), will improve the way local and national businesses effectively reach passengers with their advertising messages.
As a result of the new technology, messages will now be displayed on 65″ Hi-Definition LCD screens, stretched tension fabric displays, and interactive Visitor Information Centers featuring Digital Passenger Assistance Service Systems (DPASS) in the baggage claim area, along with mobile media equipped with a Bluetooth wireless application.
“The innovative technology in digital advertising that Interspace offers will assist local businesses in identifying new customers and expanding their corporate image,” said Jim Miller, sales manager for Interspace. “With frequent flyers being an upscale demographic that is often difficult to reach, it has been our experience that the airport is the best place to reach them.”
In addition to LCD advertising units throughout the terminal, the baggage claim area will feature three (3) DPASS units, with a fourth being added in the ground transportation building. Each center will be equipped with a 65″ LCD Screen, touch-screen computers, direct-dial phones, printing capabilities and Mobile Media. Mobile Media technology allows passengers to download all of the information found on the interactive screens into the palm of their hand using personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other mobile devices.
Passengers with Bluetooth-equipped phones will be able to download information on where to stay, how to get around, where to dine, and what to do while in town. Miller said, “With New Orleans being such a large convention city, having the ability to download information and phone numbers of hotels, restaurants, transportation and other attractions is invaluable. Once passengers leave the airport, they can do so with a listing of these businesses in their back pocket.” There also will be a network of LCD Screens located on top of the baggage carousels in the very near future, maximizing the exposure of messages to passengers waiting for their luggage.
“You can cost effectively deliver a lasting message to more than 8 million tourists, vacationers and business leaders through the Interspace advertising program,” Miller said.
The Bluetooth thing is particularly interesting, though that particular platform is a little hampered by its handshake with some devices. An awful lot of people walk around with BlackBerry devices, and they won’t work with Bluetooth ad transmitters unless the owner roots deep into the device settings and enables it. Tried to do that myself, and I’ve never found whatever I need to enable.

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