DSE Day 1 Recap

September 17, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Day 1 of the show was actually not too bad.

I know more than a few people who were thinking maybe they needed to bring a beach book with them to kill time. In fact, it was reasonably busy – my own impression being I was doing more yakking than I was at InfoComm.

There were many varied attendance estimates, some of them silly, but there was enough of a steady flow of people to make showing up worthwhile. I had impromptu meetings all afternoon, and we didn’t even have a booth.

One thing I did notice was a lunch and learn thing the organizers pulled together, that put attendees together over lunch roundtables with industry experts like vendors and consultants. The tables looked filled and it seemed like a clever, effective way to match people up.

The Canadian contingent was somewhat smaller than I am used to at these sorts of things, best evidenced by the thin crowd at the post-show free bar. I did my best to fly the flag, however.

Next year, the east show is set for late September in Washington, DC. 

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