Another multitouch demo

September 5, 2008 by Dave Haynes


There seems to be a real frenzy of activity to come up with multitouch applications and demo them on large screens.

The underlying technology is pretty cool (though starting to seem a little dated), but it keeps on coming.

With all this work, why, why, why can’t there be a demo for something more interesting then some guys pinching and spreading photos and sliding them around a screen? It was cool when I saw this 18 months ago. Not so much now. And the point of it, other than on an iPhone or the Surface table, is limited. 

The first company that comes up with something with a real world commercial application (that isn’t wildly expensive) will get some real attention. Imagine this sort of thing being used at mass transit terminals to enable people to buy tickets, for example. Anybody who has travelled and stared, bewildered, at the vending screens for the subways in places where they DON”T live will kknow what I mean. 

Here’s another one, via Gizmodo ... mercifully, the video is free of techno music, the other staple of these demo vids.

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