Time to revive the mixers

August 18, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The Toronto-area industry mixer has been an on and off thing for more than a year now. People like the events, and want them to be a regular thing, but travel schedules and feeble attention spans among the “organizers” has meant they kinda just happen now and then.

Well, enough.

A few of us agreed this was something worth locking down a little more, and one company even stepped up offering to help organize it (ie actually book a place and send out notices). My friends at Ingram Micro’s Canuck offices have kindly offered to help plan the functions, and get some of their key vendors involved to turn up and pick up the nibblies tab. This does not mean the thing is going corporate, however, and the theme will remain a purely casual mixer with no speeches, no presentations, no show and tells.

The established ritual of piling into the street after the event, and rioting, will remain.

We’ve decided to have a reliable day — probably every second Tuesday of the month — and also a standard location. That way, regulars can just put that down as a recurring calendar item, and people passing through Toronto can perhaps plan to be there.

More details to come soon. 

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