Mall screens get Essentials

August 13, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Mall screen network guys AdSpace have done well with a feature that regularly updates a list, mall by mall, of the best values available in that particular shopping palace.

Now, reports MediaPost, they are unveiling a new content offer called Essentials.

The new feature, straddling the line between advertising and editorial content, delivers advice and tips about fashion and accessories, usually featuring products for sale in the malls. The new segment will include content targeting both men and women, as well as a variety of age groups that frequent malls, including teenagers and young adults.

Rather than focusing on single products, the 15-second Essentials segments will suggest outfits and ensembles, with content varying by season.

Three big cheers for any screen network operator putting the time and resources into content that is actually relevant to the people wandering around with their wallets. Shocking as it may seem, they don’t go to the mall to find out what’s happening with the bloody conflict in South Ossetia. 

I am assuming this still (left) is just that, and when animated there is more to these spots than a beauty shot and a tag line. If not, well … they’re just ads and I take it all back.

I’m also assuming that being “essential” on these networks is driven by dollars, not editorial sensibilities. 

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