And your point is? …

July 23, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The hoo-hah continues about big LED boards and their impact in communities.

The latest comes from Grand Forks, North Dakota (final resting place of many brain cells – the cheapest road trip from my college days in Winnipeg), where authorities have put a hold on such boards on the very flat prairie outside the little river city’s limits.

Grand Forks County placed a six-month moratorium on the placing of digital billboards outside Grand Forks, reports the local paper.

Not that it’s an immediate issue. County Planner Lane Magnuson said there have been no requests to place digital billboards in rural Grand Forks County.

Regional outdoor player Newman Outdoor Advertising has one LED board in Grand Forks and 5 down the interstate in Fargo.

Magnuson said digital billboards, which are made up of LED light bulbs, could pose hazards outside cities.

“In a rural setting, you can literally see them for miles,” he said.

And having done lots of highway miles in North Dakota, something … ANYTHING … to look at while driving, is actually a good thing. And probably a safety enhancement, not a risk.

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