So Troy, how's that acting career working out for you?

As reported on the Minicom blog and elsewhere on the web …

An advertising world first has been launched in London – pitvertising, reports Ananova.

The innovative new concept uses digital TV screens built into the armpits of shirts.

It was developed by deodorant manufacturer Right Guard as the ideal way to market its products.

A hired team of ‘Pitvertisers’ was sent out into the streets of London to test the new medium.

Passers-by were reportedly amazed by the new marketing tactic – some were clearly impressed; but others thought it the pits…

The screens are quite small, and there’s no in hell I’d be leaning in for a closer look.

3 thoughts on “So Troy, how's that acting career working out for you?”

  1. This is the most ridiculous notion I’ve ever encountered in this space.

    I can think of a few other body parts upon which to place screens if they’re trying to get my attention. Did I just have a great idea?

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