Stop The Madness

July 18, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Without naming the offending “leader in the digital signage industry” — which had a press release Thursday about its latest installation — I just had to pose the question …

What flutters through the head and leads someone to the conclusion that this is a great way to present information? Does somebody load it all up on a screen, step back, and feel a rush of warmth? Or do they stare for a few seconds, and then fall over?

The company has a gallery full of these that they’ve worked out with clients.

Every day, a bunch of us slap down prospects who think this is a good idea. The next day, there’s more of them with the same idea about news tickers and scrolling this and that. Maybe this university has an optometry school …

Another question — how does an industry with 300-400 players have 300-400 leaders? Just asking …

  1. aideycot says:

    David as always you are spot-on!!! “news tickers and scrolling this and that” = all marketing fluff, screen clutter, ill-thought out design, LAZY = AWFUL and yes “how does an industry with 300-400 players have 300-400 leaders?” – it seems that it is only you and I telling the folks who write the press releases that they are doing themselves no favours.

    I spoke to the marketing manager of one of the software players at InfoComm last month on this subject and she said “everyone else does it and that’s how press releases get written” – ummmm

  2. Ian "leading the industry in comments" says:

    Dave- you’re a leader in the industry of calling it like it is… love it.

  3. How egregious! My eyes hurt and it isn’t even in motion…

    And is that Robin Wiliams?

  4. RedPost/Blog says:

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