June 6, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Toronto commuter rail TV screens.

The format has been changed, for the better. But still operating on the faint hope that people will bring radios with them on the train and tune in to 88.1 to hear what everyone else on the train sees as reporters mouthing words and interview subjects mouthing words back.

Shoveling TV news clips to an audience that won’t bother to put on headphones for it is a tough one.

New screens going in this week at Toronto’s First Canadian Place office tower, from Onsite Media Network. Most of the screens are up higher on columns or coming off the ceiling. A nice job on the stainless enclosures but I like how this one is lower and designed in with a wayfinding/directory station. Onsite has also taken over the screen network at Brookfield Place, aka BCE Place.

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