Reactrix bags airport deal with ClearChannel

May 6, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Clear Channel Airports has worked a partnership deal with Reactrix Systems to start sticking those digital projection systems into major airports aroun dthe US.

According to Media Post, Clear Channel Airports, a division of Clear Channel Outdoor, will have full responsibility for the operation, sales and licensing of Reactrix’s StepScape displays for its airport partners. Clear Channel has partnered with most major airports in the country outside New York City, including Chicago O’Hare, Boston Logan, Dallas-Fort Worth Intl., Philadelphia Intl., Phoenix Sky Harbor and San Francisco Intl.

Like its other StepScape displays in malls and other public areas, the Reactrix system will project digital images onto the floors of airport terminals, which attract passersby by responding to their motion. Once engaged, the user is invited to explore the interactive display, controlling it with different gestures that are tracked by motion sensors.

It’s a nice deal for Reactrix, which has itself a big-time partner with the locations and wherewithal to take these installations all over the place.

I like the technology, but much more when it is one walls than on the floor. Wherever I have seen it installed to project onto floors, I see little kids dancing around having fun and adults, other than the parents, zipping right by. With people in airports tending to be preoccupied with getting out or just trying to get to where they need to go, I’m not convinced these things will have the stopping power.

But I have see some clever things done, as in Monster Media’s stuff in the Vegas airport, and if the content is right, maybe that will do the trick.

  1. Shauna Forsythe says:

    Just a correction: Reactrix is not in the Las Vegas airport. Monster Media has the interactive displays installed through our firm, Alliance Airport Advertising, which is the advertising contractor.

    Thank you,
    Shauna Forsythe, President & CEO
    Alliance Airport Advertising

  2. screenmedia says:

    Thanks Shauna. Fixed that boo-boo.

  3. During DSE the Neoti staff and I spent about 10 minutes playing the beach game waiting for the tram…this idea is unbelievably addicting,…it’s awesome!

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