OVAB proposes measurement guidelines

The Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau has told the American Association of Advertising Agencies media research committee there are three key factors in measuring digital screen networks:

  • A network’s “gross venue traffic” – which is another way of saying foot traffic, footfall, or how many people darken the doors day to day
  • The ability of ads on a network to be noticed – that one’s a little squishy, and has to do with dwell time
  • The network’s “presence in the zone.” – which seems really squishy and subjective

Suzanne Alecia, the new president of OVAB, introduced these guidelines during that MediaPost Digital Out-of-Home Forum earlier this week. Scouring around on the OVAB website, and reading through news stories, I couldn’t find anything to elaborate on the squishy stuff.

Alecia did tell the forum the guidelines have not yet been published, and conceded they were not perfect but a “reasonable compromise” for a nascent industry.

Anyone know anything more?

5 thoughts on “OVAB proposes measurement guidelines”

  1. If your looking for more information about MediaPost’s Out-of Home Forum you can read about it on BroadSign’s Digital Signage Trend’s Blog and we have coverage and pictures on our Web site at Digital Signage Universe.

  2. Hey Dave,

    Is Lionel really telling you to go read Nurlan’s post on your company’s blog? That’s funny – I assume it is already part of your required reading 🙂

  3. Just saw this in Mediaweek….

    OVAB’s guidelines address several issues that have made the out-of-home segment difficult to plan and buy, including common audience metrics to evaluate the volume and size of OOH video networks compared with other media. OVAB hopes to publish and distribute the final document in June.

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