More detail on that "free" software from Puerto Rico

April 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Giovanni Collazo, the lead designer behind a free digital signage platform out of Puerto Rico, sent me a link overnight to a Quicktime presentation that runs through the attributes of what is challengingly called s3mer.

It has been decades since I took a marketing class, but I suspect somewhere in there was a suggestion that making your brand hard to pronounce was a questionable move. It has a way of killing the word of mouth thing.

Giovanni sent me a follow-up note to  explain that it is indeed meant to be “Streamer”, as in s-three-mer. Sort of.

Anyway, the video provides some detail on the May 1st launch and the benefits and features, which includes some interesting things like Mac and Windows support right away, with Linux coming.

I definitely like that the UI is in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The piece provides some detail, as well, about the free thing, which comes with a but …

It is free, but only with ads, no scheduling capabilities, no multi-screen support and limited storage.

The pro version, which has those things and much more storage, is $60 a month, which is on the high side of average for Software as a Service-style offers in this space.

There is a constituency out there that will be all over the free platform, but were I involved with these guys I would be pushing hard the multi-lingual capabilities, as I am not sure there is much out there, at all, that services Central and South America in the dominant languages.

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