Content strategy – it's now about price

March 25, 2008 by Dave Haynes

The wobbly economy is changing consumer attititudes, and that could have a role in the angle network operators take with their in-store marketing content.

Latest research suggests it’s not about quality these days in places like groceries, it’s about price and convenience.

A new study from Vertis Communications, reports MediaPost,  finds that just 1% of adults say overall food quality is the reason they choose a supermarket, while the perception of low prices and convenience–especially how close the store is to either work or home–is far more important.

“Economic factors, such as gas prices and the housing market, are changing shoppers’ habits drastically,” says Scott Marden, director of marketing research at the Baltimore-based Vertis. “More than 90% are affected, and many are shopping closer to home, stocking up more and combining shopping trips.”

Other interesting bits:

More people are judging stores by their parts, like a good organic foods section. What it means, he says, is that shoppers are increasingly looking to make fewer trips to the store, and to do one-stop shopping.

More people are using newspaper inserts and the Internet to decide where they go to shop, which means reinforcing those price offers on the screens in store may be a potent tool.

And not all that surprisingly, women pay more attention to low everyday prices, advertised specials and coupons, while men make their choices based on what’s easy.

Not that many grocers or big box stores have screen networks in place, and when I have seen them, they have rarely been  price promotions.

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