Wimax termed a disaster by Aussie broadband network

March 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

Lots of news stories and blog posts out there today about a presentation last week by the guy running an Aussie IP connectivity start-up that was using Wimax.

He started his routine by saying the technology may not work, and it apparently spiraled down from there, citing poor performance and big latency problems. However, another Aussie provider, at the same Bangkok conference, indicated happiness – through they were doing things differently.

Broadwire wireless using microwave towers, giving you plug and play connectivity without all the grief associated with setting up DSL or cable, is awfully attractive to some network operators. One bad review doesn’t mean the whole thing stinks, but I am sure people will be cranking up their hype filters to HIGH as they weigh Wimax among their connectivity choices.

I have a client in Canada using the Wimax offer via Rogers, and he’s very happy so far.

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