More evidence that the money is moving

February 24, 2008 by Dave Haynes

There’s a modestly interesting piece in BrandWeek that digs up some of the most recent digital of home spending estimates and looks at some big brands planning to put dollars into the space.

Nickelodeon joins marketers ranging from Miller Brewing to McDonald’s to the Mexico Tourism Board, brands which are targeting TVs, kiosks and digital signage at retail outlets and public spaces.

Such clients have made digital out-of-home the second-fastest growing ad medium next to the Internet, per PQ Media, Stamford, Conn. PQ predicts the industry will grow 25% annually to $2.6 billion by 2011 versus $1.3 billion last year. (The entire out-of-home ad industry posted revenues of $6.8 billion in 2006, per the Outdoor Advertising Assn. of America, Washington. A rep from the association said that figure included digital OOH.)

Anheuser-Busch will add to that total. The brewer is currently negotiating a deal with the OnSite Network, Chicago, to promote the launch of Bud Light Lime this May. OnSite’s ad network is in 70 bars in major cities. OnSite places ads on one-third of the TV screens that patrons are watching for sports or other programming.

Proponents of digital out-of-home cite its flexibility and ability to show ROI. “We can turn around an ad in a second, whereas with print and other forms of outdoor we have to have our creative together way in advance,” said Nickelodeon vp-brand marketing Frank Tanki. “With the Mall Network there is a much shorter window to get them creative material and in my world that is important with us programming more big events and the audience demanding more new content.”

Tanki said Nickelodeon plans to spend 10% more on digital OOH this year, particularly to reach kids, tweens and parents through the Adspace Mall Network, New York. 

Good news for the AdSpace folks and probably good news for the OnSite people, as well, though I am in negotiation with the Miller media planners, the last thing I want out there is for every other bar-oriented network around to know Miller’s got money to spend.

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