BroadSign picks up Navori

February 5, 2008 by Dave Haynes

(Disclaimer: this involves my masters, but big enough news I would definitely be making note)

BroadSign International has announced the acquisition of privately-held Swiss digital signage player Navori. The deal has been in the works for a while and came together in time to announce in conjunction with the start of Europe’s biggest industry trade show, Screen Expo in London.

The Navori brand will be rolled into the overall BroadSign offer, and the networked components eventually given a handshake with the network ad server capability that is a big piece of BroadSign’s overall offer.

Vested interest aside, I saw Navori demonstrated a few years ago and thought it was pretty slick then. But the company was small, local support was limited, and the experts were a whole bunch of time zones away. This deal changes all that, and judging by the backgrounder in the press release, Navori has developed a very healthy footprint that BroadSign will leverage and bolster.

Navori is one of the top software brands in the digital signage industry enabling its solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing back office and logistics systems. Its products offer features such as an intuitive management interface and a highly evolved graphics engine. Navori powers more than 17,000 screens worldwide. Its customers include well-established brands such as Sony, Boeing and Clear Channel network inside Norway’s Oslo International Airport.

The acquisition (just the first, I am told) is meant to start rounding out BroadSign’s offer and provide a friendly but sophisticated entry-level product for clients putting in smaller corporate, or closed, networks. Unlike the BroadSign Software as a Service model, clients buy Navori software and typically run their own back-end.

Press release here …

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