Trends to Watch in 2008: Ad Age

December 29, 2007 by Dave Haynes

The industry publication Ad Age has done its look ahead for the coming year and focused on trends to watch. For those of us in the advertising side of this industry, there’s a few particularly interesting and relevant points:

Marketers’ ingenuity will continue to expand as the competitive marketplace challenges brands to devise ways to reach their audiences online and via other “out-of-the-box” avenues. Targeting consumers using unconventional methods in creative places will be the gold standard for outstanding creative. Marketers won’t run away from traditional media — but will leverage technology and new media to accentuate message delivery to consumers and customers. There is no turning back — and creativity will rule.

That means clever marketers will be looking for increasingly clever ways to reach consumers. Obviously, networks that reach targeted audiences where they dwell and particularly where and when they shop will be very attractive. It does not, however, mean that just because your network has screens hanging in stores or clinics that it is time to cue the Hallelujah chorus. Your network still has to have the reach, the screens to be well-positioned and noticeable, and on and on. But those who’ve got teh recipe just about right will be getting more looks from buyers, if Ad Age is right.

In ANA’s 2007 marketing accountability study, it was startling to find that, despite enormous efforts, 42% of marketers were dissatisfied with ROI measurements and metrics. In about half of the companies, marketing and finance don’t speak with one voice or share common metrics. Enough! Recognizing the critical importance of accountability, companies will appoint a czar — the chief accountability officer — to lead a disciplined, internally consistent approach to marketing measurements, metrics and productivity.

In other words, you better have your solution bolted down and able to generate reports that can be audited and validated.

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