GSBC founder says he's got hottest tech stock on planet

March 26, 2007 by Dave Haynes

So I hadn’t heard or read anything for a few days on DigiCurve, also known as Global Satellite Broadcasting Corporation. The stock is not trading as yet, as far as we can tell.

In looking around, I did manage to find a fascinating interview with GSBC founder Ronald Flynn, who tells the venerated business trade journal all about his company and apparent stroke of brilliance …

“I personally believe that our company is the hottest tech stock on the planet and we will fly by anyone in the digital signage business. In 2007 we will corner the market by controlling the largest network of smart screens on the planet,” said Flynn, who also conceded in the interview he would be taken to task for his claims.

“I now realize as the founder of GSBC that a man who is anybody and who does anything is surely going to be criticized, vilified, and misunderstood. This is part of the penalty for greatness.”

The interview is useful because it actually provides a little detail as to why he and his backers think the thing is so freakin’ amazing:

“The bottom line is our smart screen is far superior to any screen on the market at present. Are roll out of the technology is second to none. Our business model is already a proven winner as FMCN has made big money by using our patented technology. Our new revenue model is not only incredible but undeniably refreshing and a profit center for everyone involved.

The world today is much different then it was 30 years ago. Our technology can and will save lives. Just imagine any emergency on the planet could be broadcast via our smart screens with just one click of a finger. We could warn people of emergencies and crises in their areas just by using our emergency news strip on the bottom of the smart screen. We also could broadcast live coverage through the downloading and streaming of the SMS technology. Our screens are equipped with (3g) (4g) and Wimax inside this allows anyone with a mobile phone to make telephone calls free of charge as long as they are within 100 feet of our screens additionally our smart screens have (RFID) inside enabling us to recognize a person through radio frequency identification.

Also our technology allows the viewer to interact with our screens as we turn your mobile phone into a credit card allowing you to buy products by simply pressing the product code and your personal pin code on your mobile phone thus paying for the product and you receiving the product to your home a few days latter. Our screens will enable people to play games, download music, receive discounts for products, and earn prizes and money just for interacting with our screens. We have created a playground for children and adults and will capture the target audience that advertises want potential customers to see.”

And if you walk up to the screen, and touch it with your forehead, your arthritis will be gone.

NOTE: Among the more interesting claims is how the smart screens are already equipped with 4G.  Communications standards bodies and the biggest wireless carriers haven’t yet even fully defined or agreed upon what exactly 4G will be, other than stinkin’ fast.

  1. Rob Gorrie says:

    sigh. Dave this is like the Young & the Restless for me.

    someone should spoof this on YouTube as episodes

  2. Ricardo says:

    GSBC Global is trading as DCUV on OTCBB at $8 as of today. GSBC Global website is

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  4. Michael says:

    Did he really say “Are roll out of the technology is second to none”? “Are”, not “Our”?

  5. David Morris says:


    I suggest you all keep watching this company and see what announcements come out you might be very suprised.

    Flynn is not a suit and tie guy he is a guy that works 24 / 7 and gets results from what I have seen. I believe they will win big and I intend on winning with there company and Flynn.

  6. screenmedia says:

    Just a little perspective here on the posts from Mr. Henderson and Mr. Morris

    They originate from exactly the same IP address, in Thailand — where this is all coming out of

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