GSBC becoming Digicurve??? Or … something …

March 20, 2007 by Dave Haynes

Put on your decoder rings and see if you can figure this one out:

Bangkok, Thailand (PRWeb) March 20, 2007 — Digital Signage specialist GSBC Global today has successfully negotiated an LOI to become listed on the NASDAQ’s Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board. The founder of GSBC Global, Mr Ronald Flynn, worked with Digicurve Inc. to enter into the letter of intent to complete an asset purchase of GSBC Global Inc.

GSBC Global announced that it has been acquiring key technologies and assets for the past 6 months and the company now has a stable of digital signage products including software, hardware and content specialists.

Mr Flynn added “Our acquisitions have world class products that will be the springboard of our initial growth, particularly because we have brought along highly experienced teams of senior executives and staff, many of whom have been world leaders in the digital signage sector, enhancing the existing business of Digicurve”.

It is intended that upon closing that Ron Flynn would step down from the operational side of GSBC Global and from the interim Board. It is anticipated that the management team of Digicurve – including Mr. Greg Brown – will be joining the GSBC Global executive team.

As I have conceded previously, I don’t know a whole bunch about the machinations of the market and M&A activity. It kinda, sorta looks like GSBC is being rolled into a company called Digicurve, which already has a NASDAQ OTC listing, albeit dormant.

That’s also about all it has.

The website is three words, and the company is based in Las Vegas, according to SEDAR.

DigiCurve, Inc.
2764 Lake Sahara Drive, Suite 111
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

That said, and assuming the projections are accurate (and they must be … right???), DigiCurve or whatever the handle will be a $540 million company by next spring. 

  1. Bill Gerba says:

    Let’s see if I have this straight:

    * Preposterous business model with impossible goals… Check.

    * Information-less press releases full of speculative language and grandstanding… Check.

    … the trifecta is in play …

    * Reverse shell merger to get listed on a public board without having to get vetted by the SEC… Check.


  2. Josh Coffman says:

    I’m expecting my gmail spam folder to be hit by emails touting “DCUV set to exploooooooooooode!”

    Ironic they are situated in Las Vegas. Couldn’t be more of a gamble for investors.

  3. rick henderson says:

    The founder re organized the company under a new name its called gsbc global technologies. There new website is I suggest anyone reading this put your money on that guy flynn he will win for sure.

  4. screenmedia says:

    Just a little perspective here on the posts from Mr. Henderson and Mr. Morris

    They originate from exactly the same IP address, in Thailand — where this is all coming out of

  5. Ted Bunge says:

    Yet another con by Ron Flynn. Check out his rep. in the USA, wasn’t he fined by SEC?

    Someone is going to lose a lot fo money, but not Flynn, who drives a ferrarri in Pattaya.

  6. Sam says:

    This will please you

    Take a look at the photo

    this is the leadership group

  7. Ricardo says:

    That was the original brainstorming group. They are long gone. This is the current leadership for GSBC Global Technologies.

  8. says:

    hello i just wanted to say that the man you are tlking about is one of the hardest working men on this planet as well as the most trustworthy man he has never been part of scams and never will and what ever he is doing will be a for sure winner sometimes in life you get good people and bad people on your side and i did hear a rumor about a man named jerry dubin who was working wit him but is no longer now. Jerry i have met a couple of times he is one of the biggest snakes i have ever seen he makes a anaconda look like tinyconda he has messed up alot of business for ron flynn but now ron has moved away from this monster thank god and is on his way to success with fightersoft.

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