ClearChannel hangs big boards in O'Hare

March 10, 2007 by Dave Haynes

I try really hard NOT to travel through O’Hare Airport, and usually succeed, so I have not yet seen the new LED board network ClearChannel has put in there.

The outdoor and communications giant recently announced its first, indoor digital billboard network – eight 6’x 8’ LED boards playing out 10-seconds spots, 24/7, on the United Airlines B and C Concourses. They got the displays from Newton Technologies, news that undoubtedly had execs at Daktronics and Barco looking for their Tums jars.

In these kinds of locations, with cathedral ceilings and lots of natural light, I really think LEDs are the only way to go until the Godzilla-sized plasmas and LCDs you see at trade shows actually go into production and come down in cost.

Smaller displays in that kind of space will all but disappear, and to be noticed, you need to be dominant. This is a massive leap forward in impact from the screen network ClearChannel partnered on at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

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